SHIVANI BEAUTY was created by East Indian born, American raised, Shivani Vohra. Always retaining an intense passion for makeup from a very early age, while growing up, she loved giving makeovers to family and friends. This hobby soon turned into a serious commitment.  After working at numerous major retailers across Los Angeles as a cosmetic consultant, she realized the struggles people faced with makeup, especially felt by those with light to medium and medium to dark skin tones.

Always in the pursuit of the perfect formulation for these skin tones, she extended her obsession for makeup to expand her knowledge and depth of colors by attending various makeup schools in Toronto, Canada, and experimenting and researching for the correctly blended formulation for each unique undertone belonging to these precious, beautiful, emerging populations across North America.

The name speaks for itself. INSTANT and MAKEOVER two powerful words brought together, to form a seamless transformation. The market demands instant solutions for all products for all skin tones, especially for foundations that have to be mixed and matched to achieve the perfect color match.  We eliminate this tedious process by offering a wide range of colors for all types of undertones with a specialized hybrid formulation which is natural, safe, and time and clutter reducing.