SHIVANI BEAUTY was created by Arjun and Shivani Malik. In pursuit of the perfect solution for makeup-skincare hybrid products, Arjun left his software engineering career to focus on building products that actually worked with natural, active ingredients to make a difference to people like Shivani and their day-to-day situational skin issues. Shivani’s intense passion for makeup was incubating from a very early age. Growing up with an older sister who had all sorts of makeup on her dresser from the foundation, colored liners, to mascaras, Shivani loved giving makeovers to family and friends from a very young age. This hobby soon turned into a serious passion after working at numerous major retailers across Los Angeles as a cosmetic consultant and attending makeup schools in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Over the years, with thorough research, and many frustrating encounters like dry patches caused due to foundations separating, while using multiple cosmetic products, Arjun and Shivani both realized that the problem was not the foundation shade or brand, rather, it was the right skincare products that did not exist. They identified a void between skincare and cosmetics that went hand-in-hand. Immediately, they started experimenting by mixing and blending essential oils along with secretly discovered beauty hacks and came out with a unique product line that had distinct formulations with only one thing in mind: They maintained a firm belief that each product should consist of a unique formulation that smooths out and hydrates skin instantly, bringing out ones natural beauty by elevating their skin to look supple, fresh, and dewy along with the right glow - without looking overly greasy or oily.


Our unique collection of specialty Skin Care products bridge the void between makeup and skincare. Our products are multitasking for all skin types with anti-aging properties to nourish and protect your skin from aging and daily damage. Our products can be used as either overnight treatments to prep your face, or as a base primer to be applied before makeup or blended with your makeup. All of our ingredients channel the nourishing power of nature through the fusion of botanical regimens, and present trends and technologies, to provide easy and effective beauty solutions.